English (Native), Cantonese (Native), Mandarin (C1), Spanish (B2), French (B1), German (A1)
Hi, my name is Nick. I was born in Hong Kong and later moved to the US at a young age. I grew up in a bilingual environment with Cantonese as the first language that I learned. The fact that both languages are present has influenced me greatly, especially when it comes to understanding the different cultures and customs of people from all around the world!
  • Frontend Developer with over 10 years of experienced
  • Attended New York University
  • Completed Spanish B2 course at Debla Language School in Spain
  • 2016 – Present Online teacher at italki with over 500 1-on-1 private lesson taught
  • 2017 – Present Online teacher at Verbling with over 200 1-on-1 Cantonese lesson taught
  • 2014 – Present Creator and online teacher at the Fluent Lab