Directions 方向 fong1 hoeng3


In this post, we are going to learn about how to ask or to give directions in Cantonese.

  • Directions
    • Towards (a direction) 向 hoeng3
    • Go straight 直行 zik6 hang4
    • In front of 前面
    • Behind of 後面 hau6 min2
    • Left side 左面 zo2 min2
    • Right side 右面 cin4 min2
    • Turn right 轉右 zyun2 jau6
    • Turn left 轉左 zyun2 zo2
  • Navigation
    • Block, Intersection 路口 / 街口 lou6 hau2  / gaai1 hau2
    • Sidewalk 行人路 hang4 jan4 lou6
    • Roads 馬路 maa5 lou6
    • Traffic 紅綠燈 hung4 luk6 dang1

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