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What is Good Morning in Cantonese


You’ve probably learnt how to say 你好 nei5 hou2 in Cantonese to greet people, but what about greetings at a specific time, such as “Good Morning?”

Like most languages, Cantonese has three different greetings throughout the day, in the morning, at noon, and at night.

“Good morning”

早晨 zou2 san4

早晨 zou2 san4 - Good morning

There is no “Good afternoon” in Cantonese. The closest is ng5 ngon1 午安, which you will greet others around noon or lunchtime.

“Good Noon”

午安 ng5 ngon1

午安 ng5 ngon1 - Good Noon

“Goodnight” should be a closing statement of the day. When you are about to say “Goodbye” after dinner.

“Good Noon”

晚安 maan5 ngon1

晚安 maan5 ngon1 - Goodnight

Alternatively, you can also say 早唞 zou2 tau2 instead of 晚安 maan5 ngon1 for “good night.”

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