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How to say Goodbye in Cantonese


You’ve learned all the useful phrases in Cantonese to greet others, wait a moment, but how to say “Bye” in Cantonese?

So, how do I say “Goodbye” in Cantonese? It’s not a joke, but people in Hong Kong say 拜拜 baai1 baai3 which sounds like “Bye-bye.”

If you need to say it in a somewhat formal way, as you hear in the news report, you can say 再見 zoi3 gin3

In situations when you will see this person later or on the next day, you can say 下次見 haa6 ci3 gin3 which means “see you next time” or 聽日見 ting1 jat6 gin3 which means “see you tomorrow.”

There are also a few other phrases that you can use as closing statements. If it is approaching the end of a gathering at night, you can say 早唞 zou2 tau2 which is to wish someone an early rest.

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