Single Verbs


There are a ton of verbs! Once you have memorized the list of common verbs in one of the lessons, here’s another list:

切 cit3 – To cut

  • 菜 coi3 – vegetable

讀 duk6 – To read (Study)

  • 書 syu1 – book

畫 waak6 – To paint

  • 畫 waa2 – painting
  • 公仔 gung1 zai2 – cartoon character

打 daa2 – To hit

  • 機 gei1 – machine (literally means to play video games)
  • 波 bo1 – ball (literally means to play ball games)

開 hoi1 – To open

  • 門 mun4 – door
  • 鑵頭 gun3 tau4 – can (food)

閂 saan1 – To close

  • 門 mun4 – door (it also means when the shop is closed)

執 zap1 – To clean up

  • 屋 uk1  – house
  • 行李 hang4 lei5 – luggage (to pack luggage)

落 lok6 – To go down

  • 車 ce1 –  car (to get off the car)
  • 船 syun4 – boat (to get off the car)
  • 樓梯 lau4 tai1 – stairs

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