Using the word 好 hou2


The word 好 hou2 has different meanings

  • Good
    • 好人 hou2 jan4 – Good person
  • Very / Really
    • 好鍾意 hou2 zung1 ji3 – Really like

To be (before an adjective)

The verb To Be can seem a little tricky in Cantonese, instead of using 係 hai6,you will need to use 好 hou2 before an adjective.  好 means very and it also functions as the Verb To Be before an adjective.

"You are beautiful" (literally means "You very beautiful)
jyutping: nei5 hou2 leng3 
character: 你  
"Your son is smart" (literally means "Your son very beautiful)
jyutping: nei5 go3 zai2 hou2 lek1
character: 你個仔 

Try it yourself

Look around your room and determine if the item is:

  • 肉酸 juk6 syun1 – Ugly
  • 靚 leng3 – Pretty